Fenugreek or Methi is a very useful, aromatic and versatile plant. Its leaves are used in almost every Indian household as a green leafy and highly nutritious vegetable in winters, and its seeds are used for seasoning and tempering food, pickles etc. and has medicinal value.
Methi seeds are used medicinally in various ways [dried, roasted, sprouted etc.] for different conditions. They are used to treat---and very effectively too, in tried and tested ways---- anaemia, arthritis and rheumatic aches and pains, backaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, dysentery, indigestion, fevers, ulcers etc.


Please note: Methi is heat-producing, so should not be used excessively in hot weather. Soaked and sprouted Methi seeds may however be used mixed with other sprouts, in salads or raitas (beaten curd with salt, cumin powder etc.) even in summer.
Its major uses are as follows:--
1.      For anaemia: (especially in women after an abortion/ miscarriage/ childbirth and excessive bleeding, and in girls at puberty with heavy periods) ----Soak one tablespoon of seeds overnight in a little water. In the morning—simmer for about ½ an hour till seeds are tender, cool a little, add honey to taste, and eat the entire mixture. It improves the blood count within 7 days.
2.      For aches and pains: (rheumatic, arthritic etc.)--Roast seeds in a dry fry pan over medium heat, stirring frequently till brown [not burnt] and crisp. Powder fine and store in an airtight glass jar. Use one tsp. of this powder everyday with meals. If too bitter to have alone, swallow with a little water or have it mixed with curd [yogurt]’.


3.      For diabetes:  Take 1- 4 tsp. of above powder [roasted and stored in a glass jar], mix with a little milk and take before breakfast on an empty stomach. It helps the formation of insulin and can be taken for long periods without any adverse side effects.
4.      For high blood pressure: Soak 4 tsps of (unroasted) seeds in ½ a litre of water overnight. Drink this water 2-3 times during the day, finishing it by evening. Prepare fresh everyday and take for 15 days, controlling your (inorganic, table-) salt intake. Your blood pressure should be substantially lower within a fortnight. [This is even more effective if taken with ‘Kulthi’ (a lentil) water which also reduces serum cholesterol]. The soaked Methi seeds should be eaten as such, or used for sprouting, or boiled and eaten with a little honey for improving the blood count.
5.      For dysentery: Make a tea of amla leaves and Methi seeds and drink about ½ a teacup 2-3 times a day.
6.      Diarrhoea and gastric upsets: Soak a tsp of Methi seeds in a cup of curds or thick buttermilk for a few hours, and take it 3-4 times a day.
7.      Methi sprouts: Methi seeds when sprouted, are a storehouse of nutrition, and a health factory in itself. They can and should be had daily--- in salads, mixed with other sprouts, in dahi-raita or by themselves [sprinkled with salt, pepper, lemon juice etc.] by everyone—young or old --- for its many health-giving and disease-preventing properties.
Used in many ways---it effectively prevents/ controls diabetes and cholesterol, strengthens the muscles of the back and increases the metabolic rate!!






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