Navel alignment: (Nabhi or solar plexus) channelizing energy 

Displacement and it’s adjustment of nabhi through asana and meditation. It is believed that mostly physical diseases come through navel disorder. In my case study, ms neetu came to me with a lot of problems; like continuous pain around navel, 5 to 6 times go to stool pass per day, frequent urination, feels weakness immediate after passing stool etc. Allopathic therapy has completed all courses but not found any disease. I found that her navel is disturbed since last ten year. During diagnosis the whole problem was in disturbed navel. I started to align this (navel) through few asanas like shalabh, purna shalabh, bhujang and pawanmukt asana with repetition, and within few hours she started feeling better. After a weak her intestinal movement become strengthened. The continuity of pain around abdomen became less. And after a month I started to cure her mental anxiety because it also react navel. Increases concentration level and finally after six month practice of asanas and meditation she got fitness.
By yogi anoop 

"A gun is used by an army man and a gun is also used by a terrorist. The gun shoot of a person is for his good, but the terrorist uses the gun for an evil purpose. Army men may use a gun to shoot the enemies and a terrorist may use a gun to destroy nation. If all the guns are put in a circle with a magnet at the centre, all the guns will be equally attracted by the magnet. The good or the bad is not in the guns. Actually it is in our mind. It lives into our mind. We need to change our attitude of thinking only.
Yogi Anoop





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